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Please note the following before even considering filling in this form:

  • If it's a shellaccount (eggdrop/bnc/whatever): Have your shelladmin perform the request! We get tons of requests from users who complain about their shell being banned. Think about the fact you are not the only one on that box using it's IP's. So maybe someone else on the box fucked it up for you.
  • Shelladmins should always aquire delegation of their ranges in order to have them listed at the appropiate IP registry (RIPE/ARIN/LACNIC/APNIC). With proper and usable email adress. As per 1-1-2011, we will no longer accept removal requests from shelladmins who have not taken the neccessary steps in order to show their 'ownership' of certain IP ranges.
  • Don't paste gline messages, we know how gline messages look like.
  • There is no need to specify the ip in the comment, it's part of the removal request already.
  • Note that if you have become listed, it means the IP you currently use HAS DONE SOMETHING WRONG AT THE TIME OF THE LISTING ENTRY. Also note that EvilNET is not the one who added you, but one of it's users/contributors.
  • If the ISP you use provides you with highly dynamical IP's (as in, IP rotating very often) and you suddenly show up listed. Then it's probably not your fault, but the fault of the one who previously used that IP.
  • Please check your server for the existance of drones, trojans, backdoors, misconfigured proxies. Do NOT assume you have been listed just because a user has been abusing your server for email spamming! We get tons of request from people that claim there has been no spam while the ip in question is listed for other reasons.
  • If the comment contains 'Scraped' this means your IP is listed as open anonymous proxy on one or more popular proxy listing sites. Again for this, see the previous comment!
  • Forms that have not been decently filled in will be trashed!
  • NEVER EVER simply assume your entry is related to spam!
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Please use the textarea below to describe why you are unable to remove this incident yourself. Also specify why you are currently unable to use the ip you want to remove. ENGLISH ONLY!

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