Why can I be registered in DNSBL ?

We distinguish two different situations.
a) When the attacker directly executes actions to damage or harm Evilnet network resources, users or staff.
In this case, there is nothing to do except check if your IP has been registered by DNSBL and you will see the information about it.
b) The origin of the attack was executed from a compromised computer without its owner or user knowing about this situation.
In this case, you can fill out the contact form with the necessary information that justifies requesting that the IP involved be removed from DNSBL.
We may request, at our discretion, documentation that verifies that you are foreign to the attack and had no intention of executing any action as described above.

In all cases we reserve the right to carry out all the verifications and reports that we consider necessary as well as, to remove or not, the IP involved in our records as the report to the competent authorities.